Evidence: It is all over the place and you are contributing.

I posted about this incident before IIRC, but this video has a great audio track.

Not only we have the great evidence-collection devices known as Smartphones, but there are several patrons on calls to what I presume is 911. In fact, I think the soft-spoken lady we can clearly hear on this video is giving a blow-by-blow account of the events to a 911 operator and the recording machines at 911 HQ. That is evidence that will be used in court. 

So, at the end of the video when Sumdood is being arrested and he is claiming innocence, he does not know that he already has given the State several megabytes of evidence against himself.

There is an old Spanish saying that goes: “You are Slave of what you said and Master of what you did not.”  Even though you are not being an anal orifice like the idjit in the video, if you happen to be in a situation, not only you need to be careful on what you say but also frugal.  It is hard to do in a high stress situation, but unless you know 100% (which is never) that things will go your way, the least amount of words and proper ones you say is the best strategy.  It is hard to explain to a jury that it was a burst of emotion at that moment  and that you really did not mean to say “I will kill you back!” to kill back the moron offering to kill you. But you don’t need to explain the “Hey dude! I don’t want trouble I just want you to leave me alone.” which is something your defense lawyer could use to say you were trying to de-escalate the moment.

You may want to think about this a bit longer.

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    1. Just remember, in the event of a self-defense shooting, these are the sort of people who will probably trip over themselves to talk to the local tv news. The media account they give will be the first draft of testimony against you in the Court of Public Opinion.

      Later on, in an actual court of law, these sorts of people will also be part of the jury pool.

      Act accordingly.


  1. Socks with flip flops? No wonder he couldn’t take that dude down by himself. He was fighting his footwear more than the screamer.



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