No, but I am the Nazi…


I have no idea who Gavin McInnes is or to what kind of political ideas he goes for, but this woman’s behavior (self-proclaimed NYU professor) is something to behold.

Her rant remind me of a bit of scene I saw in certain movie:

I know they are trying their best to redefine what Nazi is, but they are not only failing, but it can get quite expensive and maybe it will be them who gets a free trip east inside a train car.

Just a reminder.

Never Again

3 Replies to “No, but I am the Nazi…”

  1. Gavin can be a pretty foul mouthed comedian, but he’s an awesome conservative and not afraid to speak his mind. He catches all kinds of hell from feminists. He’s like the ultra hetero version of Milo.

    Every time he was on Red Eye with Greg Gutfield was hilarious – and he was usually drunk. His video on where to move to in Canada was awesome.

    Actually, he kissed Milo in Orlando as a big screw you to the protesters there. Have you ever been grossed out and laughing at the same time?



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