You’d figure Native Americans by now be wise about White People pretending to help them.

Now, the Corps of Engineers has issued an eviction notice to the protesters who have plagued the construction of the pipeline . . . because they are polluting the environment.

Source: Dakota Access Pipeline protesters evicted over pollution concerns

It is brutal the amount of trash abandoned:

The Standing Rock Sioux hopes to complete the work before any spring floodwaters from the Cannonball River can wash debris into the Missouri River — the very waterway pipeline opponents are working to protect. The camp has seen an exodus in recent weeks due to winter weather, pipeline work being stalled and the tribe’s recent call for people to leave.
Protesters have left behind not just trash, but tents and even cars.

“There’s more than anticipated, and it’s under a lot of snow,” Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault said. “I wouldn’t say it’s going to get done in days; it’s going to take weeks.”

Source: Cleanup Begins at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Encampment – ABC News

How bad is it? The workers have to chop on the snow and ice to remove the collected crap. (Eye opening video in the link) The lovers of Gaia apparently did not give two craps about the “sacred land” and left for warmer parts to protest (Maybe Berkeley?)

The Sioux Tribe is now stuck with cleaning up the mess of the allegedly Well-intentioned White Folks….again.

Guys, next time? Some Scalping, OK?

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