What passes for news

Fusion Comedy bills itself as a comedy outlet.  It is not.  It is a radical Social Justice network that presents its particular line of hateful bullshit with what people who are allergic to humor think is comedy, as opposed to the typical SJW hysterical bullying.  Sort of like getting beaten up by a clown.

They’ve done two anti-gun videos, perhaps more, but this was all I could stomach.

Ah yes, starting with the “ammosexual” implication, because gun owners love their guns in an erotic way because we are all sick people.  Cliche old hat.

They love to present just enough information to enrage the liberal to action, but not enough to create an informed person.

Yes, Vermont allows people 16 years or older to carry loaded handguns.  Teenagers still can’t violate Federal laws however and Vermont doesn’t issue CCW permits (it is Constitutional carry).  Laws like these are a lot less about letting a 16 year old pack IWB at the mall and a lot more about possession of firearms while hunting.  A number of states have various regulations that allow minors to be in possession of loaded firearms while hunting, hence the quip about the 30 states with no minimum age to have a long gun.

Oh no, in 17 states it is completely legal to store your CCW pistol in YOUR car while at work.  How terrible that your boss can’t tell you what you what YOU can’t have in YOUR car.  It’s almost as if Fusion thinks that when you park your car at work, your car becomes your employer’s property.  Holy Hell North Dakota, how dare you stand up for employee privacy.  Maybe an employer should be able to ask what books you have in your car, just in case they want to root out anybody they want to discriminate against for other reasons.

Holy shit Iowa, how dare you allow someone to retain their civil liberties despite a physical handicap.  Don’t you know the truly progressive thing to do is to affirm that only able bodies people enjoy the full gamut of Constitutionally protected civil rights?  Not being able to see well enough to drive doesn’t mean you are totally blind, but who cares, you are an unperson who deserves no rights.  Maybe this guy with no arms shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun either?

Carrying guns on public college campuses?  How horrifying.  Of course a public college should be allowed to suspend civil liberties of licences CCW permit holders.  It’s not like a group of radical leftists are training to beat up Nazis, a.k.a. Republicans, on college campuses.  Just vote lockstep Democrat and then you won’t be targeted for violence and you won’t need a gun to defend yourself.

So what’s next?

Oh great.  We have an immigrant from Egypt, one of the world’s grossest violators of human rights which is ranked No. 144 out of 159 on the Human Freedom Index, who is going to lecture us in the US about our rights.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the freedom of speech.  But of you come to the US from a place where you can get thrown in prison or murdered for speaking out against your government and you decide that what you want to do is criticize and lecture us about how bad we are, go fuck yourself.  With a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

He fully admits that in the Arab world, only dictators and their oppressive thugs, or terrorists have guns; yet somehow that is better.  They only throw rocks at each other, it’s harmless.  Unless you are a women accused of adultery, then 81% of Egyptians will want to throw rocks at you until you die.  But sure, Egypt has the moral high ground on this.

Because Fusion’s comedy is as inspired as a wet fart, how will Bassem ridicule Americans.  I know, how about dressing up like what a typical liberal thinks a gun owner looks like and going to a gun show – or as I like to call them “Freedom Festivals” – and bating people into saying something dumb and/or xenophobic.  That’s not played out.

Yeah, he found the one asshole at every gun show that shows up with the Nazi paraphernalia, and has to make a half-assed joke about “something for your anti-Semitic uncle.”  I’m glad that Bassem can hold the moral high ground again seeing as ONLY 94% of Egyptians hate Jews and want to drive them into the sea so badly that they will murder any Muslim leader that tries to strike a peace agreement with Israel.

Where I really started to lose it is when he as the audacity to lecture us about the Second Amendment.  Let’s not forget that in his homeland, it is punishable by death to become an apostate to Islam, or to preach any other religion to a Muslim, and that Coptic Christians are being persecuted to the point of genocide.  But sure, our inalienable right to bear arms and defend ourselves is silly.

Lastly, to compare America’s homicide rate to the Arab Spring is beyond the pale.  The Arab Spring killed directly 180,000 people, led to the rise of ISIS and reignited the war in Iraq.  Our gun rights are not butchering people alive, lighting people on fire in cages. throwing accused homosexuals off buildings, amputating the hands of children; but tell me again how we are so wrong.

This is infuriating.  Only among the radical Progressive left can someone who comes to the US as a refugee from complete barbarism be encouraged to openly criticize America in favor of the barbaric nations that the refugee fled from.  Fuck this guy, everybody at Fusion, and everybody who liked his video.

This stuff is pure evil.  It is the naked hatred of our civil rights and the people that enjoy them, mixed with the self ridiculousness of Social Justice.  It is intolerable.


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