Breaking news! Florida’s CS/SB 128: Self-defense Immunity Approved in Rules Committee! (UPDATED)


Self-defense Immunity; Providing that the state has the burden of proving that a defendant is not immune from prosecution under certain circumstances, etc.

2/9/2017 Senate • Favorable by- Rules; YEAS 8 NAYS 2.

I have no idea where we go from here. I expect Sean Caranna from Florida Carry will slap me across the head with some information later on.

I found the video and I felt the need to do some screen captures for your pleasure. The Moms Demand Delegation was front and center, maybe not such a good idea. These are not all the public speakers, just the ones I thought important to share.

They don’t like Marion Hammer. She was speaking on another bill in this capture.


Eric Friday, Florida Carry Legal Counsel did a superb job. He was not liked by Moms Demand either.

Marissa Alexander also stated her support for the bill.


The Moms Demand representative. You just don’t show up to a Senate Committee and read a bunch of slogans everybody heard before in a monotone voice.


Marion Hammer,  but this time on the SYG bill. She is not a cute little grandma but a force of nature.



Stacy Scott, Public Defender for the Eighth Judicial Circuit speaking for the Florida Public Defender in favor of the bill.

I know I am biased, but the presentations in favor of  CS/SB 128 were well spoken, the speakers felt confident on what they were taking about and delivered with assertiveness. That is why they do not want our message to be heard or why people like Shannon Watts will refuse to have a debate with Dana Loesch: They would be trounced and ridiculed.  And the loss to their cause would be severe.

Great Job to all involved!

Update: Sean did provide with the appropriate information. It is ready to go to the Senate floor. But It will also go to the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee and Judiciary Committee before going to the House floor.

We are getting there 🙂

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