Ultimate Goalpost Moved: Deadly Force can be used against Speech.

Well, I’m here to thank the radical measures the AntiFas took to ensure my safety. It has been reported by numerous sources that Breitbart’s mascot planned on launching a campaign against undocumented students and sanctuary campuses.

Source: Violence helped ensure safety of students | The Daily Californian


Antifa was there to protect UC Berkeley students when the administration was not. Within 15 minutes of the bloc’s arrival on Sproul Plaza, Yiannopoulos was being rushed from the building. These were not acts of violence.They were acts of self defense.

Source: Black bloc did what campus should have | The Daily Californian

If you condemn the actions that shut down Yiannopoulos’ literal hate speech, you condone his presence, his actions and his ideas; you care more about broken windows than broken bodies. I can’t impeach Trump, and I can’t stop the alt-right from recruiting nationwide. I can only fight tooth and nail for the right to exist in my hometown. So it’s time for those waiting in the center to pick a side. Either wake up and stand against nationalistic fear-mongering, or allow it to spread and divide your neighborhood through inaction — just enjoy your ability to be complacent while it lasts.

Source: Condemning protesters same as condoning hate speech | The Daily Californian

If you have not figured it out yet, the Left has declared a war.  They decided to lower the bar to consider any speech they do not like as a “credible” threat of Death of Grave Bodily Harm so they can exercise Deadly Force upon their enemies (That would be you too. Yes, you will eventually run afoul of them.)

You have to admit they have stretched the definition to an absurd extreme, but if that is the game they want to play, we may have to correspond the same manner.

The time has come to stop being polite. The New Chekists will have no problem making you bleed and killing you: It is not only allowed but encouraged. I have seen them in action in Venezuela and they managed literally to make any fruitful opposition to the regime a carnival of harmless clowns.

December 6, 2002 at 7:10 pm, there was a small group of people doing a praying vigil at Plaza Francia (Francia Square) in Caracas when they were approached by several government goons. One of the goons, Joao De Gouveia, used a Glock in .40 S&W to shoot and kill there people including a 76-year-old woman whose crime was praying while sitting on a chair. He also managed to wound 28 more, unopposed by anybody including the police present at the location to “keep the peace.”

The problem for the goons was that people with cameras were present and managed to get video of the asshole and he was quickly identified. The government made a great production of his arrest, trial and conviction, but for somebody who has no family whatsoever he received a lot of packages and he has been seen outside prison, enjoying the night life and visiting friends. Hugo Chavez called Joao De Gouveia a great man and a gentleman on a speech soon after the killings.

There was another demonstration later on at the same location, and it was promptly dissolved, this time they aimed without trying to kill. Just to scare and they succeeded.

And when people ran away, they proceeded to decapitate the statue of the Virgin Mary at the location.

Eventually, it was totally destroyed by the Government Goons.

This was not an isolated case, but I keep close to heart because I used to go to that Square a lot since a great theater was nearby not only with the latest of Hollywood in full glory but some great Jazz concerts. Anyway, the damage was done and nobody else dared to do an anti government protest in that square after that.

Now you are now pointing out a big difference: That was government sponsored while the Antifa/ Black Block is not. True but only because November did not bring about the government sponsorship they wanted. And please, disabuse yourself from the notion that these groups just sprouted because of Trump and people like this are new. We are talking groups that have been organized farther back than the 1999 Seattle WTO protests & riots. 

And the other obvious difference with Venezuela? Nobody shot back. The public and the political opposition had embraced Chavez’s Disarmament Law and suddenly they realized they could not do shit about the attacks even if somehow the centuries-long programming of “You don’t solve anything with violence” was bypassed. The result is that Venezuela is about to be the equivalent of a Biafra (Old Fart reference) or Somalia in Latin America.

So back to our local goons. As I said, they lowered the bar on what constitutes “moral” use of Deadly Force and are counting we play by the rules they set: They can get way with anything and we are supposed to take it.  As much as I understand we are supposed to stay at a higher moral level, it is time you figure that some fights are done better by getting off the Morality Horse and engage into ground combat with superior firepower. A hickory sledge-hammer handle coming at your head is not a “flag pole” but a deadly weapon which allows you to use deadly force to defend yourself. The Sharpened end of a Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 PVC pipe is not a “banner holder” but a spear that can easily penetrate your abdomen; deflect and fire. Punch a Nazi is just the new anarchist version of the Knockout Game and if you remember, the way that game came to pass was people hitting back and/or shooting the aggressors.

The only way to recover the polite tone of political discussion is to stop being polite. If attacked with deadly weapons, fight back. Make sure what the law says about use of Deadly Force in your state and plan your defensive strategy accordingly.

PS: And warn those who are not actively participating but either support or at least will not come forward to denounce their weirdos with force, that they are as guilty as the Antifa/Anarchist/Assholes: Yes they are roaches, but they need a medium to hide and grow, the “Consenters” are that medium.  Screaming “Ich bin nicht Antifa!” is just not gonna make it safe for them.


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