Fake News brings a “School Shooting.”

Breaking news people!

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) – Two ninth grade students and an adult have been shot at a home near Carol City Middle School in Miami Gardens.

According to Miami Gardens Police, shots rang out at a home located at 3505 N.W. 188th Street, striking the victims. They were reportedly shot in the legs.

2 teens, 1 adult shot near Carol City High School

“It must be right across the street from the school! ZOMG! “

Not quite:


It is actually 200 yards away to the edge of the school property and about 305 yards from the entrance of the school proper.

But it will probably be considered a school shooting since the event and the building were in the same zip code.  And no, it is still too fresh fro Everytown to have included it in their database plus it is Friday and they gotta leave for the weekend.


3 Replies to “Fake News brings a “School Shooting.””

  1. WELLL… we have seen this trend wherein anything that happens within 17 miles (described as Walking Distance to Mexicans in a Family Guy episode ) of any facility described even vaguely as a school is a school shooting , day or night, in session or closed for demolition. ANYTHING to play the numbers game. HEY, HOW ABOUT CALLING FORMAL RANGE INSTRUCTION THE MOST RADICAL SCHOOL SHOOTING EVER?



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