The Emasculation of Britain: Terrifying arsenal of weapons found!


This arsenal of firearms is among the dozens of weapons that have been taken off London’s streets during the Met’s latest gun amnesty.Since Monday 45 weapons have been surrendered across the capital as part of the Give Up Your Gun campaign, including shotguns, revolvers, rifles and handguns, Scotland Yard said.

Source: Terrifying arsenal of weapons among dozens seized in Met’s gun amnesty | London Evening Standard

Here is a bigger picture of the ” Terrifying” arsenal:

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Maybe they were ‘terrifying” back in the late 1800s when they actually worked. I am betting maybe one works. I am not sure, but one of the cap & ball revolvers may not function properly. The “Peacemaker” looks like a modern non-firing replica.

The one in the far right is some sort of British percussion Pepperbox revolver. but I can’t be sure if it is original or it has been modified. It seems to have a cover around the barrels missing. If you know the guns’ make and model, feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. Left to right: British Bulldog style revolver, probably in a caliber nobody’s made in 100 years; “parlor pistol” style single shot, small caliber rimfire; Adams style revolver, probably missing parts a nd unfireable; single shot percussion; FAKE Peacemaker (basically a Gun Shaped Object, doesn’t even fire caps); something that looks like a single shot break open rifle from the 1800’s that’s been cut down; and another Gun Shaped Object, this time a pepperbox imitation.
    The Bulldog and the Adams are collectable, the rest is essentially worthless.

    Modesty forbids me to comment on how “terrifying” this mess is.


    1. All right, corrections : the “parlor pistol ” looks more like a basement machine shop special and you’d have to convince me that the “sawed off rifle ” is a real gun and not another Gun Shaped Object.


  2. As usual, these gun ‘buy backs’ only acquire junk guns. Criminals and sane people which functional guns never willingly part with them.

    Can’t wait for the “Trove of Terror Knives and Truncheons Turned In” Headline.



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