ACLU getting blasted for defending Free Speech.

The ACLU dared to go against the new grain of what is true for the Left and the response from the Agitated was prompt.

How awful must feel for the ACLU to realize they were never a guiding light of paragon, but a useful tool for a selected power-seeking minority? What they need to figure out and soon is if they are going to stand on Constitutional principles or try to remain in the good graces of the Intelligentsia.


2 Replies to “ACLU getting blasted for defending Free Speech.”

  1. These people need to look up Nazi Party vs. Skokie, the 1977 SCOTUS case in which is was deemed free speech to allow the American Nazi Party to march through a neighborhood full of holocaust survivors. A Jewish attorney represented the Nazis with the ACLU and Jewish Justices sided with the Nazis.



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