What goes around in NYC

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio decided that he and his city were going to stand in defense of the residents of NYC who are here illegally.

I guess Mayor de Blasio is no longer trying to hide the fact that he is a petty tyrant that believes the rule of man is greater than the rule of law.

But what goes around comes around.

Maybe if we knuckle draggers from flyover country go to NYC for some reason, we should bring with us some undocumented immigrants from Prescott, AZ, Huntsville, AL, Smyrna, GA, Exeter, NH or Springfield MA, with us, smuggled in our waistbands.  Not to mention any number of undocumented passengers  greater than sever, that come along for the ride.

If he can disobey the laws he doesn’t like, why can’t we?

I guess that means I can have an undocumented NFA migrant as well, since his people will protect me from the ATF?

It’s an act of peaceful civil disobedience to not obey a law or politician I disagree with.  Isn’t that what the left has been saying since November?

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