Days of Rage follow up

I read Miguel’s post Days of Rage – A “No S***” Must Read and was reminded of this video.

A handful of Antifa bullies are blocking a sidewalk, preventing “the bourgeois” from getting to work.  In typical identity politics, they let the woman through, but the man, they stop.  He pushes through and the situation turns to blow.

I have to say, that big dude can throw a hell of a punch.

It’s what happens next that is key.  One Antifa goes after the guy with a stick.  Simultaneously, another Antifa starts whining that the big guy hit a woman.

Antifa initiates the fight then calls the cops trying to be the victims.

Fortunately in this case (I don’t know where this took place) the cops realize it was Antifa that started the whole thing.

This MO of being the attacker and the victim at the same time is dangerous a hell.

After the Berkeley Milo riots, like minded bullies rushed to their campus newspapers to explain how hurt Snowflake feelings are violence and so beating up the people that hurt their feelings was justified.

Stomping on a Trump supporter is self defense.  A the University of Central Florida, an group called Knights for Socialism, styled as an Antifa group, advertised a “self defense” flight club called “BASH THE FASH.”  Generally, the term “bash” is not associated with defense but attack.  (Also, I am normally a supporter of both self defense and Reason Magazine, but in this case, it is obvious that KFS is not defending but attacking.)

This is going to get worse and worse.

The lesson they are teaching the Right is:  If you aren’t with us, you are against us.  Take your beatings because if you fight back you will get crucified by the media.  Defend yourself at your own peril.  They are trying to create a no win for the Right and a total victory for them, where they can hurt individuals on the Right with impunity.

Here is where I fear this is going to go.

The left is notorious for their misunderstanding of Stand Your Ground.  At some point, mark my words, some Antifa is going to shoot a Trump supporter (or just someone who isn’t crazy progressive SJW) and claim Stand Your Ground because said shooting victim said something that hurt said Antifa’s feelings.

The question is, will the media still attack Stand Your Ground as shoot first gun culture craziness or when an Antifa shoots a guy in a MAGA hat, will they discover Stand Your Ground is good?


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  1. On the plus side, once the shooting starts we tend to have more guns and the better marksmen.

    They’re operating under a model where we’re reluctant to shoot and care about the consequences when we do.

    That model does not allow for their behavior where it’s shoot or die on our side.


  2. The media and those backing ANTIFA (*cough* Soro’s and Co *cough*) wants the shooting to start. Sure, the media will act surprised but I guarantee there is a narrative that has already been crafted to make those on the right the aggressors no matter what.

    If some person with a CCW doesn’t take kindly to being hit in the head with a pole and ventilates a few of these professional rioters, I would put money on the news having the names and ages and the “good deeds” of the “victims” at the ready.

    Trump ran on being “the law and order” candidate. The Maxists will stop at nothing to undermine that part of his platform while helping to pass more freedom restrictive laws (first at a state level) in the name of “doing something” to stop the violence.

    This is all part of the game and as a person who carries, I am going to take a walk in the other direction at the first sign of these people.


  3. “The question is, will the media still attack Stand Your Ground as shoot first gun culture craziness or when an Antifa shoots a guy in a MAGA hat, will they discover Stand Your Ground is good?”

    They will try to have it both ways. It will be a positive when “defending” against “right-wingers,” but still a negative when used by anyone not a lefty.


  4. What should happen next is tear gas, water cannons, and snipers shooting any one stupid enough to light up a Molotov cocktail.

    They want to provoke a conflict, but are they ready for NG and LEO marksmen combined with good people ready to shoot them?

    There are only so many “brown shirts” on their side. Crowds disperse when their bodies start piling up.


  5. The police could stop about ninety percent of this fairly easily.

    First on the scene, order everyone to remove their masks. Watch these anonymous middle class Robin Hood want to be’s melt away. The hard core commies would remain, after all, that is their job. But the thrill seeking hangers on? They will flee from the light. Mommy and Daddy would be shocked and might cut off their allowances.



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