Shut up and sing Pt. 2

After a night of bashing Trump, the music industry wants to make sure Trump allows them to profit off their craft

Of course only Hollywood and the music industry can profit, the rest of us are just greedy.

I think if I were Trump right now, I’d suspend copyright laws on music and video recordings.  Decriminalize piracy and see what happens.

One Reply to “Shut up and sing Pt. 2”

  1. As with so many other things…

    If this cause matters to you so much, put up your own hard earned cash and fund it!

    I’d happily endorse the celebrity who lived on MY take-home income while donating the rest of the millions of their earnings to whatever cause they chose.

    I also cannot help but notice that music and art were staples of primary education UNTIL Federal money and guidelines took control from local and county level schools.



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