Eliminating most of the Gun Free Zones in Florida.

TALLAHASSEE Concealed guns at Miami Dolphins games, local bars and even voting booths could be commonplace under a sweeping measure introduced this week in the Florida Legislature.With the recent, tragic history of the Pulse nightclub massacre last June in Orlando and the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting last month, two conservative Republican lawmakers want to do away with all of Florida’s “gun-free zones” — 15 locations in state law where concealed weapons are currently prohibited.

Source: Lawmakers want to eliminate Florida’s ‘gun-free zones’ | Miami Herald

This senate bill and its House companion is giving fits to the Gun Control Crowd. It is more extensive that Steube’s versions which might be the reason it was introduced: It makes it more palatable and easier to get them approved and voted favorably. And before the chest-thumping starts, remember not to let Perfect be the enemy of Good: The idea is to get good gun bills moving and sent to the Governor’s office for signature and not to show off in your favorite gun forum how tough you are because you “NO COMPROMISE. FUCK YEAH!”

And, of course, the Not-So-Honorable Opposition was heard from:

The legislation drew swift rebuke from the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence — more than 120 local, state and national groups that banded together after the Pulse shooting.

“These gun-happy legislators have gone too far. They are endangering the public, not protecting it,” Patti Brigham, coalition co-chair and vice president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, said in a statement. “The idea of allowing permit-holders to take their guns into bars is absurd and incredibly dangerous. And just why would we want permit-holders to take guns into polling places?”

As usual, they fail to explain why states that already have eliminated those Gun Free Zones have failed to have the massive blood spills they are so guaranteeing will happen here.

One Reply to “Eliminating most of the Gun Free Zones in Florida.”

  1. Since the Lucy Committee always pulls the ball as I’m kicking…

    I will get excited about a pro-gun bill when it actually makes it out of committee and to a vote.

    Even then I will expect it to be amended back to something broken then be told to shut up because they tried, better luck next year.

    Off to the email to rattle their chains again to see if THIS YEAR we get to kick that damn football.



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