Antifa Gun and Ball Club.

Kevin C. gave me a heads up about our It’s Going Down friends suddenly discovering the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. (I am not linking to the assholes)

The forced poses of most of them are hilarious, a couple seem to know at least how to hold a rifle. And you can tell who got there last because he is holding the baseball bat.

But the biggest schadenfreude of all has to be this:

“The United States Supreme Court has said that the Second Amendment enshrines the right of individuals to possess a firearm in their home for self-defense. That sounds nice and expansive, but as radicals are well aware, rights are seldom so absolute. So what are your rights with respect to possessing, purchasing, carrying and using firearms? What are some of the laws that restrict those rights?

“Firearms laws are complicated, change often, and vary significantly from state to state and even city to city. (Unfortunately, one of the best resources for more information on state gun laws is the NRA website).

Is there an instrument available in this planet to be able to cut through the irony of that last statement? Sadly, they promptly revert to the Narrative and shoot themselves in the nether regions:

“In this white supremacist, capitalist, hetero-patriarchy, people who don’t fit the typical profile of “legal gun owner” (basically anyone who doesn’t outwardly present as a middle-class white male) will likely encounter particular suspicion, scrutiny, or hostility for exercising their gun rights.

Well, I am all for an enemy making a mistake and I have no need to stop them. By the way, red and green, both dots and laser look great over black clothing.


9 Replies to “Antifa Gun and Ball Club.”

  1. Most of the time I’d welcome new people to the gun community. These assholes are going to ruin it for the rest of us.

    They are itching to apply lethal force to counter Right Wing “violence,” a.k.a. free speech and hurt feelings.


  2. Pretty sure the legality of carry is going to be irrelevant for these guys, as any carry during the commission of another crime is illegal.


  3. So in the pic (w, my bad eyes) I see what looks like a Czech mauser, Mosin M44, 2 AR’s, an AK(?), whatever that thing is the 2nd from right has, and likely another bolt action (4th from left).

    Nice start for one person’s safe.


    1. Second from the right kind of looks like a Hi-point carbine. I initially thought it was a KSG but the stock doesn’t look right for that. But it does have screw holes and I know Hi-point carbines have screw holes in the stock.

      It kind of made me almost chuckle that the woman is the one with the AR 15. I see one AR 15 and one AK.

      Most of these people I don’t thank have enough money to buy a quality firearm and lots of ammo for it.



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