Kudos to Kahr Firearms’ fast service.

Three days ago (2/15) I posted about the follower in one of my mags going to pieces.  I had gone online and ordered a couple of replacements plus a cool cap that was on sale. To my surprise and joy, FedEx came by  noonish and now I again have a working magazine.

That was fast service. I would have been happy if had gotten it by Monday as I was expecting it. Instead they surprised the hell out of me with their efficiency.

Well done and thank you very much, Kahr.


One Reply to “Kudos to Kahr Firearms’ fast service.”

  1. Nice. This is why I frequent Midway, Brownells, Dillon, Vortex, etc. Call them, email them with issues with their product or service and usually they go out of their way to correct the problem. #notshady should be the hashtag.



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