Interesting observation.

I was watching the HeWillNotDivideUs feed because I enjoy streaming video of Liberal fauna in their natural habitats. The camera is now in Albuquerque, NM on the side of a theater and across the street from a tire shop…not kidding you.

You all now about the drone chanting and the cult behavior of those who are fans and NeverTrumpers, yeah, that nutso. There is the occasional person that walks or drives by poking the monkeys who dutifully start jumping, hollering and slinging verbal poo.  Those brave to stand in front of the camera and go against the chanting and messages, get shut down and if you have a sign they did not approve , they will snatch it.

Early in the night, a guy showed up wearing a nomex mask like pictured below and sporting a walking stick you see in them Elizabethan TV shows

He went up making fun of those present and chanting pro Trump stuff, doing the Troll’s work….. and the Lib Monkey cage went silent with some even evacuating the area. Mind you, he was never threatening (at least not to our standards, but we are equipped with emotional backbones) but people freaked out! What was funny is the whole day, Antifa people wearing masks dropped by and with attitudes only to be received as princes

Somebody called Shia LeBufoon who tried to intimidate Masked man but the guy did not quit and Hollywood Weirdo departed after only a few minutes.  Even though the monkey cage got somewhat repopulated with the Ring master present, the numbers dwindled again til Masked Man eventually left.

Apropos of nothing, Amazon has a great selection on Hoo Rag bandanas, I specially like this one:

According to the manufacturer:

-Snakebit Hoo-rag is for all you Hooligans who are made of independence and a heavy dose of freedom. This Hoo is coiled and ready to strike!
-Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating.
-100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
-Approx. 20” x 9.5”. One size fits most.
-Machine wash cold. Line dry.

This is great for those of us in hot weather. Nomex is a bit too warm for our environment. They are not very expensive and has many uses. you should consider it part of your EDC because you never know when you may bump into… ultraviolet rays radiation when you go fishing or jogging, yes, that.

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  1. “Nomex is a bit too warm for our environment.”

    I’ll take Nomex (or other fire-retardant non-name-brand aramid) over flammable face-coverings, especially because of the “face” part. I don’t care for melted plastic adhering to my skin!


      1. Given the context of the discussion, I was talking about flambé due to Molotov Cocktails. For simply being in the sun, I have some goofy-looking giant floppy hats with “Laurence of Arabia” neck flaps. 😉


        1. I am insulted that you’d think I was advocating the same or even nastier techniques against the idiots that would not mind seeing me beaten or death. 😀
          We shall have a duel when we meet: Most BBQ ribs eaten in 30 minutes. Loser pays.



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