Suffering fools

I do not suffer fools well. 

I was at the local grocery store trying to do my shopping with a cranky three year old in the cart.

The kid behind the deli counter was having a conversation with his buddy who came to visit him.  They were wasting my time.

The buddy was complaining that some mutual friend borrowed his phone charger and now his phone is dying and blah blah blah…

This went on for almost ten minutes.  I know because I walked away, got my veggies and milk and went back to the deli counter and they were still at it.

I wanted cold cuts and to be on my way.

So I inturrepted their conversation in my most helpful tone of voice and said:

“There is a life hack for that.  Take a plate or pan or something large enough to put your phone in, with about an inch of space around the sided.  Then put about half to one inch of water in the pan.  Then put your phone in the pan with four nine volt batteries.  The water will act like a universal charger and power your phone.”

“Thanks” the kid said.

I got my turkey breast and cheese and went on merry way.

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