Fake Newsflash: Active Shooter in Houston Hospital.

I saw a blurb somewhere about a report of a shooting in a Houston hospital. While I am watching the TeeVee showing Police Chief Art Acevedo  saying that there was not only no Active Shooting Situation but they could not even find evidence of anybody with a gun in the hospital, this pops in my phone’s news alert:

I give up.

2 Replies to “Fake Newsflash: Active Shooter in Houston Hospital.”

  1. Don’t feel bad. I woke to to my normally conservative radio station piously proclaiming that the Planned Parenthood videos were fake. Of course, all the bien pensant self styled fact checking websites agreed but no one cares to discuss how they determenied this was the case or why Planned Parenthood wanted this off the news rather than fighting this in civil court. Pardon me if I think the fake news was what I heard this morning.



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