It is dumb to play their game. (Update)

So, my favorite zoo cam was vandalized earlier this morning:

And I know you cannot say it was not an “inside” job to create Fake News taking in consideration all the fake reports of attacks and vandalism attributed to Trumpers. But let’s say it was indeed somebody tired with the Shia LeBufoon crap and grabbed the cheapest can on sale at the local hardware store (it had to be the cheapest because of the awful color selection) and decided to inflict some personal opinion on it.

The worst enemy that HeWillNotDivideUs had been the NeverTrumpers who went to chant and spread Liberal Privilege far and wide.


And the videos?

Basically, there is no need to do stupid shit because they are doing it o their own and they are experts at it. Plus I don’t think that many people are actually paying attention to the idjits in camera except some of us who find and study Left Wing idiocy for purely giggles and snorts.

And then again, the idea that this is a self-inflicted “hate crime” cannot be dismissed at all.


One guy showed up with tools, rags and cleaners to clean up the cam cover.

But what he mostly got was “Shiaites” complaining about what was he doing, doing it bad, fucking it up, etc.

And that is what I meant about let them be idiots all by themselves.

Update 2: Now Shia and his buddies have TV coverage which previously they barely had and it was negative.

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