Mother of invention

The Bloomberg backed The Trace published an article with the most tin pot dictatorial headline I have ever read.

California Gun Owners Are Already Subverting the State’s Expanded Assault Weapons Ban

The subtitle is even better.

Devices designed as workarounds have been on sale since the new restrictions were signed. Now it’s up to Attorney General Xavier Bacerra to decide whether they’re legal.

Law abiding gun owners are working to be able to keep their guns under California’s new Assault Weapons Ban, and that is subversion.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention.  The government of the State of California has decides that some arbitrary cosmetic features on a gun legal according to Federal law should make the entire gun illegal.  This will, of course, do nothing to reduce gun crime in the state, just as the federal AWB did nothing to reduce national crime.  But that isn’t the point.  The point is to inconvenience gun owners to the point where they stop being gun owners.

Making the ability to exercise a Constitutional right so onerous through regulation that it becomes prohibitive is an age old tactic used by Democrats, going back to the Poll Tax and literacy tests for voting.

So rather than be forced to relinquish their once legal and now illegal guns to the police, gun owners and the gun industry in California has become quite innovative in modifying once legal guns to stay legal.  Miguel touched on this before.

Well The Trace is having none of this.

Just as they did the last time California updated its longstanding assault weapons law, enterprising gunsmiths are ready with new products that could render the tighter restrictions largely moot.

See, we should be good peasants and abide by the capricious whims of our betters.  We shouldn’t try to comply with the law while keeping our lawfully purchased private property.  We should just allow ourselves to be subjugated like proper slaves and stop tinkering with our guns.

Even The Trace admits that the CA AWB is pointless in actually reducing crime.

California’s assault weapons laws are controversial with gun owners because they heavily restrict firearms that are wildly popular, readily available in most other states, and rarely used in crimes, compared to handguns. Many gun-rights advocates say the features that qualify a rifle as an assault weapon are arbitrary and do not meaningfully affect its lethality. They chafe at the rules against reselling or giving away the guns, noting that if an assault weapons owner wants to get rid of his or her guns, or dies, the rifle must be surrendered to police, transferred out of state, or sold only to select dealers.

That won’t stop CA legislators from trying though.  If there is one thing the Left knows how to, it is apply the boot of government to the neck of the people.

In the wake of the San Bernardino attack, Marc Levine, the Democratic state assemblyman who sponsored the law revising California’s assault weapon statute, got firsthand experience with rifles altered to skirt California’s rules.

“I could empty ten rounds into a target and reload a magazine in a couple seconds,” he said. “And I have almost no training.”

Levine was not surprised to see products like the Patriot Mag Release appear after his bill passed.

“There’s always a hardware race,” he said. “We will continue to struggle with this.” In the meantime, he said he hopes that the new rules will yield at least incremental progress towards reducing the death toll of mass shootings in the state. “My goal is to at least slow down the carnage.”

It will never occur to him that his efforts are fruitless.  When Progressives enacted prohibition, American’s ran rum from Cuba and made moonshine in the hills.  It is an American tradition to try and wiggle out from under the boot of government and enjoy freedom.   American innovators will always be one step ahead of the legislators.

Prince, the designer of the Patriot Mag Release, declined to comment for this article, citing the pending DOJ decision.  In a statement he issued while revealing his latest invention, he signaled a willingness to wait out new business opportunities.

“We have had the Patriot Mag Release in the wings for many years,” he wrote. “Together, we will weather this storm and come out shining.”

Americans will not rollover and play dead under any oppressive law.  Ban booze and we’ll brew it ourselves.  Ban the ice cream soda and we’ll make the ice cream sundae (fucking progressives have been going after soda for a century).  Ban switchblades and we make assisted openers.  Draft up an AWB and we’ll make bullet buttons.  Ban them and we’ll make something else new.

I know this will fall on deaf progressive ears but, perhaps the lesson to be learned is: stop banning things that Americans want according to the fickle desires of meddling nannies.

4 Replies to “Mother of invention”

  1. The antis always want to call these new inventions “loopholes”. The working definition of “loophole” is, of course, anything they don’t like that nonetheless conforms to statutory law.

    My response is, “It’s not a loophole, it’s a workaround. Stop trying to ban the things, and we’ll stop coming up with new workarounds.”


  2. What’s really absurd about this is how complying with the law is called “subverting the law through loopholes!!!”

    And the funny thing is, there’s all this talk about San Bernadino and Stolkholm shootings in the Trace article, but no one mentions the North Hollywood shootout — which featured fully automatic AK-47s and 100-round magazines, all banned at the time — perhaps because (1) no one died in that attack, and (2) it’s a glaring example how, when bad guys are determined to have firepower, laws aren’t going to stop them from getting that firepower.


  3. “It will never occur to him that his efforts are fruitless. ”

    Wrong. He already KNOWS his efforts won’t stop crime; he’s just hoping you’ll continue to give him the benefit of the doubt rather than calling him out as the lying enemy he is.



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