I was told claiming “Stand Your Ground” would set murderers free.

Prado played the part of Morales’ 2014 statement to investigators in Broward County, who linked Morales to the death of Colin, 18, of West Palm Beach, after they found Colin’s charred remains inside a burned out rental car in a remote area of Weston…

…His explanations had little impact on Marx, who said Tuesday that it was the first time she’d ever denied a “Stand Your Ground” motion without even allowing prosecutors to present witnesses to refute a defendant’s claims.Marx said she was “not even near convinced” that Morales’ case met the standards for “Stand Your Ground” and also had harsh criticisms of Morales’ claims that he shot Colin in the back of the head while Colin still had his hand on the gun.“The idea that the gun would loop back around and shoot him in the back of the head is preposterous,” Marx said.

Source: Judge rejects “Stand Your Ground” bid in 2014 murder case

Do you mean I was lied to? Well yes, beginning with being a SYG motion when it really was an Immunity From Prosecution motion. And not being Black was also supposed to set him free but did not.

Maybe there is a Narrative afloat not being very truthful about these things, just maybe.


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