Twitter locking accounts swearing at famous people

It’s part of a broader shift in the way Twitter deals with abuse — one that’s drawn fire from many of the same communities calling for stronger enforcement. In some cases, the account-lock could even be triggered by quote-tweeting a profanity-laced tweet, since the resulting tweet would include both profanity and the source’s handle.

Source: Twitter locking accounts swearing at famous people

A friend of mind linked this article via Twitter since I was blocked yesterday while trolling over #HeWillNotDidideUs.

This was the offending Tweet:

That is the twitter handle of Shia LeBuffoon who  has not used his account but four times this month if we go by his tweets.  Then again he is too busy dressing homeless chic and attending to assault charges in NY.

So don’t forget, never insult your Betters and the American Royalty in Twitter or the Censor Bots will come after you.

I am gonna get banned so many times now… why? because I am ornery and eff them.

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  1. Just use

    “shia is an irredeemably gruesome narcissist and a gaudy soul-destroying practitioner of non-consentual bestiality.”

    Twitter is probably just flagging on the big swear words so if you use a thesaurus I doubt they’d even notice.



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