Florida’s HB-245, (Burden of proof at Immunity Hearing) @the House Criminal Justice Committee: Passed!

Note: Link to a must-see video at the end of this message.

ACTION REPORT! Self-defense Bill in House Criminal Justice Comm.

DATE: February 24, 2017
TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM: Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director
NRA Past President

The critically important self-defense bill, HB-245, was heard by the House Criminal Justice Committee on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, and PASSED 9-4.

Once again State Attorney Phil Archer, left his job in Brevard/Seminole County to travel to Tallahassee to testify against your self-defense rights and the constitutional rights of the citizens he was elected to serve in the 11th Judicial Circuit.

Archer made it clear that the convenience of prosecutors and the desires of the State Attorney’s office was far more important than protecting the constitutional rights of innocent citizens. And that convictions — not justice — are the priority of prosecutors.

When the state charges a person with a crime, the state has the burden of proof — from arrest all the way to the jury room.

We want to thank the House Committee members who voted for the bill.

I am going to have to link the videos more often so we get to see how to address the discussion of a bill in a professional and passionate manner.

First the link to the Florida Channel’s 2/22/17 House Criminal Justice Subcommittee meeting.  (Sorry, no embed)

  • (24:00) Intro by Rep. Bobby Paine explaining the bill.
  • (33:30) Erick Friday with Florida Carry, holy smokes, that guys knows his.. stuff. And you can tell the amount of BS told in the media about this bill by the way he clarifies points. Amazing job!
  • (1:02:40) League of Women voters. Reading a prepared statement simply does not work. She got trounced by the only question asked.
  • (1:13:40) Moms Demand also went with  a read statement. Body language is imperative as you may notice.
  • (1:18:00) Marion Hammer. This is what a force of nature looks like. Not cowed but respectful and kept visual contact with the committee at almost all times. Knew her stuff and made it simple even for the Representatives.

I know politics at the level of Legislature is boring, but watching Mr, Friday and Ms. Hammer is just a free class on pushing your message out there. Even if you are not Floridian but are involved in Gun Rights, you should watch it just for the teaching tips.

Eric Friday, Florida carry


2 Replies to “Florida’s HB-245, (Burden of proof at Immunity Hearing) @the House Criminal Justice Committee: Passed!”

  1. I don’t live in Florida but I am a member of Florida Carry also. Florida led the way with Shall Issue back in 1987, and as you can see they are doing great work. I encourage everyone to get involved with your local groups — we need to win at state level as well as national. I support the Virginia Citizens Defense League as well as the Virginia Shooting Sports Association. There are several State Defense Leagues — check and see if your state has one. Even if you are unable to actively lobby, you should join. And join other states too. One strength each organization has is to be able to say, “We have 10,000 members, and we vote!”


  2. Lucy’s gonna let us kick the football THIS time! I just know it!

    I’d be more excited except I’ve been watching pro-gun stuff die in committee for literally decades with a supermajority of (R). How many more stops before it hits the floor?

    I’ve also seen stand your ground get passed, what is it now, three times? We’re sure spending a lot of time and energy getting this thing and keeping this thing.

    Despair is a sin, but I’m so very tired of the broken record.

    Fix stand your ground. Nuked in the courts again because our congress can’t write laws that cannot be misinterpreted to mean 180˚ from what is said. By the way, ever notice that this is just about the only pro-gun thing that Ms Hammer seems to actively support?

    Get campus carry. Dies in committee, killed by NRA A+ congress critter, but for sure next year, vote Republican!

    Get open carry. Dies in committee, killed by NRA A+ congress critter, but for sure next year, vote Republican!

    I don’t know where we’re headed for sure, but this denying the voter’s will is how we got Trumps. What does Florida Trump look like?



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