Gunman Who Shot My Brother

Updated | In 1997, a man who couldn’t buy a gun in New York traveled 1,000 miles to a state where he could: Florida. Taking advantage of the state’s lax gun laws, he stayed in a motel for a few days, got a Florida ID card, bought a gun and went back to New York City. Exactly 20 years ago today, that man opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, wounding six people and killing one before taking his own life. My little brother, Matthew Gross, was wounded in the attack—he was shot in the head. Long after the news cameras turned away, my family was left dealing with the aftermath of that terrible day: being told my brother would die, watching him endure multiple brain surgeries and a long coma, and, for Matthew, a lifetime courageously coping with a traumatic brain injury. Matt and I have both changed a lot in those two decades, but our nation’s federal gun laws haven’t.

Source: Gunman Who Shot My Brother 20 Years Ago Could Still Buy a Gun Today

And two decades later, Dan Gross is still lying while drawing a paycheck from the Brady Campaign.

He goes on by saying that “Known or suspected terrorists, and any other dangerous person, can still buy a gun without a Brady background check in Florida and most states.” He does not tell you that the shooter, Ali Hassan Abu Kamal, a 69-year-old Palestinian teacher, passed the background check and waited the “cool off” days that the Handgun Control INC (As The Brady Campaign called itself back then) had fought for and obtained. 


He bemoans about the Pulse shooting but does not tell you that it happened in one of the few Gun Free Zones in the state of Florida, making it a perfect target for a Jihadists who had passed background checks at least four times. He ignores that because it destroys any false sense of security it had and the fact that even though the chant of Gun Free Zones is still repeated over and over like and deranged mantra, people are not only starting to question it but demand they are eliminated and citizens be given the chance to defend themselves.

I understand it must be hard for Dan gross to realize his 20 year investment on Gun Control turned out to be not only a failure but unpopular. And I am sorry about what happened to his brother, but bad stuff happens to people and you cannot fix that a bigger pool of potential victims. I understand misery loves company, but that is a selfish attitude to have for your fellow human beings.

Time to put down the Bloody Shirt.

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  1. One has to ask why he could not buy a gun in NY, but could in FL given we all live in the same country under the same Constitution.

    I know ge wants it all to be the socialist and totalitarian utopia that he envisions, but all I foresee is genocide for people like Trump supporters, if his side wins.

    So go to Hell, Dan Gross. My rights trump your loss.


  2. How did the bad guy “get a Florida ID”??????. THAT little nugget doesnt get explained. What a bunch of crap. Typical liberal victim retoric, blame everything BUT the guy who did the deed. We the People are getting tired of hearing this.



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