Moral low ground

In the New Testament, Matthew 7:3 says “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

Well, for the Left right now, they have a fucking forest growing out of their face.

There has been a number of bomb threats made against JCCs across the US.

Jewish cemeteries in Philadelphia and Delaware have been desecrated in the last week.

Of course, this is all Trump’s fault. Why?  Because Trump answered a question by a Jewish reporter poorly.  He focused the question on himself.

Politico published this piece:

In a Time of Trump, Millennial Jews Awaken to Anti-Semitism.  A new generation is experiencing an age-old hatred for the first time. But why has the Jewish right looked away?

The Jewish right has never looked away.  As a proud member of the Jewish Right, here is what I have been seeing.

The co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington is Linda Sarsour.  She’s even the center of a hashtag #IStandWithLinda.

Sarsour is a anti-Zionist Palestinian Activist.

She is also a supporter of the Israel hating BDS, which is a campaign to “dismantle Israel” though economic isolationism.  She is championing a group out to destroy Israel.

She has ties through family to the terrorist group Hamas, which she has supported.

All of this makes her a darling of the Left, and honored by President Obama.

The upcoming “A Day Without a Woman March”  is being co-sponsored by Rasmea Yousef Odeh.  Odeh was convicted of planting bombs in Israel, one of which killed two Israelis and wounded nine others.

Congressman Keith Ellison nearly won the position of DNC Chair.  Tom Perez, the DNC chair the beat Ellison, wants to make Ellison the “face of the party.”  Ellison has a history of anti-Semitism and defending anti-Semites and anti-White racists.  Rather than this sink his prospects of taking the national stage for the Democrats, he managed to garner 46% of the DNC vote.

During the Senate confirmation hearing of Trump’s Ambassador to Israel, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez invoked the age old anti-Semitic canard of dual loyalty, so suggest that the Jewish nominee would be more loyal to Israel than the US and undermine America’s interests.

I have heard nothing in the national news about the break taking anti-Semitism that erupted out the University of Texas at Austin Muslim Studing Association and BDS group, which lead to the firing of a pre-school teacher for calling for the murder of Jews.

At Oberlin, one of the most liberal colleges in America, is drowning in anti-Semitism, including hate crimes.  Most of this Jew hatred is stemming from anti-Israel social justice activists and BDS.  Oberlin ignored the problem until Jewish alumni threatened to withhold donations.

Jewish students at CUNY colleges have been harassed by Palestinian activists.   Left wing protesters at CUNY added “death to the Jews” to their laundry list of social justice demands.

University of California campuses are hotbeds of anti-Semitism.  At UCLA a Jewish student’s civil rights were violated by the student government until the video of the violation went public.  Jewish students on California campuses need actual guards to protect them when they want to get together.  Berkeley, where the far Left reigns supreme, the school has made anti-Semitism part of the  curriculum.

Canary Mission is a non-profit that tracks and exposes anti-Semitism on college campuses.  Take a look and be horrified.

So when the CNN goes nuts over swastikas spray painted in US cities, and then tires to blame it on the right, I get a tad skeptical.

When swastikas were painted on a Jewish fraternity at UC Davis, who did it?

Was is Trump supporting Alt Right Neo Nazis?  Nope.

It was the Bernie Bros and I’m With Her Social Justice Activists enraged that a Jewish frat would dare to support Israel after UC Davis student government  went full BDS.

And not one fucking peep from CNN or MSNBC about this.

Ultimately here’s the problem:

Take “punch a Nazi” and Antifa “Bash the Fash”


Progressive SJW Jew hatred linking Israel and the Jews to Nazis:

You get: Pogroms

And it is already starting to happen, and not one fucking peep from CNN or MSNBC about it.

I’m not excusing Right wing anti-Semitism.  The issue is that it pales in comparison to Left wing anti-Semitism, and the media only cares about the Right wing hatred as a way of attacking Trump.

They don’t care about the Jews, only using the Jews as another way of delegitimizing the Trump administration.

They don’t have the moral high ground.  They abdicated that with their hypocrisy.

One last word on this for those in the media.  This, more than ever, is why I support campus carry, and concealed carry in general.  I’m not going to be bashed by a bunch of Jew hating SJW-Sturmabteilung because I am a Jew that supports Israel.

You bring a bat, I bring a gun.  It is what my father taught me.  Never again, with a bullet, you motherfuckers.


2 Replies to “Moral low ground”

  1. I think the presence of white supremacists and anti-semites on the right is largely overblown and driven by liberal claims that they exist. “I’m a white-supremacist, CNN says that makes me a Republican, so I’ll vote Republican, despite them opposing everything I stand for.”

    From what I’ve seen, white supremacists who *do* exist on the political right are also more tolerant, treating ethnic minorities less as “unclean” and perhaps more the way you or I view dogs, horses, or bunnies (I mean personally, I like animals). Not that I think that excuses bigotry, but I once saw an extended conversation between an avowed white supremacist and a black buddy of mine on a social media account. They were both impressively civil to each other, even while I had to step out because the white supremacist was getting my blood pressure up.

    Your racists and anti-semites on the Left, though. They see any “undesirable” faction as an affront to the natural order, whether it be black Republicans, gay Republicans, female Republicans (bit of a pattern here), Jews who don’t kowtow to islam, or whatever else have you, and as is becoming ever more apparent, they’re happy to paint someone a “Nazi” for not professing their hatred loudly enough.

    All told, I would rather be a target of right-wing bigots than an ally of left-wing tolerance. Even in our bigotry, conservatives are more tolerant than any liberal.


  2. “I have heard nothing in the national news about the break taking anti-Semitism that erupted out the University of Texas at Austin Muslim Studing Association and BDS group, which lead to the firing of a pre-school teacher for calling for the murder of Jews.”

    Not UT Austin, UT-Arlington. Less expected here than in Austin so more worrisome.



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