This is what real CPR looks like

Car accident. Pregnant woman without a pulse.

This is my friend and co-worker Keith B Ezell who was caught rescuing this woman, and unborn child, after witnessing a car accident on his way to work with minimal assistance. He ROCKS! #NotYourAverageNursingAssistant#SheSurvived #TeamNursing#BlackNursesRock

Notice the elbows locked up, how far the chest goes down. Yes, you will crack the sternum and leave a bruise, but you are saving a life.  I have no idea how long did the young man spent doing CPR, but I can tell you that it very tiring. The stress alone drains the heck our of you. Having somebody else there helping with compressions or breathings helps a lot.

Mr. Ezell, job well done.

Learn CPR.

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