Connecticut: Gun Control comes with several price tags.

“In 2013 we paid $134 million in state taxes to Connecticut, and if we would have kept on the same pace, Connecticut would have $140 million more today,” McGuigan said on Monday. “That is 10 percent of the budget deficit.”McGuigan was referring to the state’s projected $1.4 billion budget deficit for the fiscal year that begins July 1.A Malloy spokesman challenged the NSSF argument that the governor’s tough gun policies had a chilling effect on the firearms industry.

Source: Study: State gun laws cost jobs, revenue – NewsTimes

Mind you, They are not any safer that they were before and now the Governor was gun related fees applicable to residents quadrupled to help cover the deficit. But with the same breath they deny that gun restrictions made any impact in the state.

From the same article:

In 2013 Connecticut had 8,000 people working in the firearms industry and related fields. Last year that number was 4,900, the NSSF said.

PTR Industries and Mossberg take jobs somewhere else, but nah, it had no effect at all.

Have I said that Libs can’t do math?

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  1. 10% of the budget deficit?? Hey, if they tax the rest of the BORs like they do the 2nd (a tax to attend a church, a tax to operate a news organizations, a tax on NOT having to quarter troops in your home [hey if they can tax you for NOT buying health insurance..] or a tax on the right to freely associate with like-minded people, etc), they could do away with it all and start spending like drunken sailors again….. Equal sharing and all that.



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