When you want to play baseball at a football game


The short version of the story:

West Covina PD arrests suspect threatening bystanders and officers with a baseball bat at the police station.

At about 10:18 am this morning (Monday, February 27, 2017), a man carrying a baseball bat walked up to the front lobby of the West Covina Police Department and began striking the large glass windows.

He is alive just because cops hate paperwork.

Hat tip Mark T.

3 Replies to “When you want to play baseball at a football game”

  1. If you look closely, you can see him crack the back of his head on the carpeting. Pretty sure his retelling of the incident would be “I walked up to the police station, then things get a bit fuzzy, then I woke up in a jail cell with my head throbbing.


  2. I’m concerned the old detective in the white shirt needs to retire. The way he fumbled his gun part way out of his holster shows he’s just not up to speed in a crisis.



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