Fake News by Florida man

When Florida Man is also a journalist:

Last month in Nashville, Tennessee, a group of protesters crossing a street with safety monitors in orange vests lining the route were struck by an SUV rolling through the pedestrian-filled crosswalk, according to police.

“We were accompanying people across the street,” protester Jack Wiley, an orange-vest-wearing safety monitor, told a local television station. “And while we were doing that an SUV started to turn, and we asked him to stop. And he chose not to stop.“And he kept going, inching forward, and then he struck three of us,” Wiley said, “And three of the people on the safety team tried to prevent him front hitting anybody else.“We had to jump on the hood to protect ourselves after he hit us.”

…The event was captured on video. No charges against the driver have been filed yet.

Source: Florida Legislature wanst to put brakes on protets, not hostile drivers | Miami Herald

I searched for the video, but came across an article in The Tennessean about the incident and they mention the police report on the case:

The witnesses stated a group of protestors ran out into the roadway in an attempt to stop the vehicle and surrounded his car. The witnesses advised several people jumped on the hood of the vehicle only after the driver continued to drive through the crowd in an attempt to get away.

Also, I was unable to find the video. Not saying that it does not exist or it may show not quite the innocent narrative spouted by the affected party, but I do find it suspicious that people who revel at being in the limelight and love to advertise their victim status cannot produce the evidence of their victimization.

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  1. That incident is what led state legislators to file the bill that is causing people to scream “In TN, you can plow down protesters legally!”

    There has been no video released



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