Scuttling the Ship

This article in the Daily Mail can’t be real, or at least I hope it’s not:

EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama’s close confidante Valerie Jarrett has moved into his new DC home, which is now the nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump.

If it is true, than what Obama is doing is absolutely unprecedented.  The peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next is so much a part of American history, that we take for granted just how special it is.

The incoming President is expected, even while undoing the previous Administration’s policies, not to criticize the outgoing President by name.  Likewise, the outgoing President is not supposed to criticize or backseat drive the new Administration.  There are rules of decorum that are followed by American Presidents.

If this article is true, Obama is going against the playbook.  Never before has a President tried to sabotage his successor.  The Democrat attitude seems to be, if we can’t steer the ship of state, we’re going to sink it.

I don’t think Obama or any Democrat that stands with him on this knows what they are doing.  If Obama and his posse take out Trump, they will make America into a Banana Republic where the peaceful transition of power is no more.  Once that prescient is broken (peaceful transitions of power) it can never be made whole again.   If there is another election after that, the process will be one of scorched earth.

This will turn into a blood mess.  If our leaders can’t make the transition peaceful, the people can’t be expected to be peaceful either.  The ship of state will be scuttled out of spite.

5 Replies to “Scuttling the Ship”

  1. It’s real simple. If there is any truth of this, then the first illegal action is followed up by arrests and trials.

    Our first bi-racial man-boy POTUS will be in prison or hung as a traitor.


  2. The current crop of Democrats fall into two camps – those who idolize Che and those who foster that idolization in starry-eyed idiots.

    I’m fairly convinced that at this point, the ONLY reason the Democrat party doesn’t call for a Glorious Revolution is because they know they would lose. Their leaders WANT a banana republic in the shape and location of the USA (just with them in charge), and their core constituency has been trained to think of democratic tyranny as superior to individual liberty.

    Unfortunately for the Democrats and their revolutionary guard… Er, BLM cotiere, not only did their pet president fail to confiscate all their enemies’ firearms, but his incompetence, actions, and rhetoric were directly responsible for the defiant backlash and growth of support for firearms rights nationwide.



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