Quote of the Day: Michael Bane

On Fake News:

“Firearms was the one area in Media where ignorance was bliss…If you cover Flower shows, your editors…would mandate, would require, they’d make it necessary that you know something about flowers!”

Michael Bane – Down Range Radio podcast # 509

And I would compliment the above quote with his article in American journalist Review:

What is going on here? Do the time-honored rules of journalistic objectivity apply in every case except firearms? Have we, as journalists, reached such an overwhelming consensus that “guns are bad” that we’re willing to look the other way while a journalistic tradition that’s taken more than a hundred years to build is methodically disassembled?

Source: American Journalism Review

4 Replies to “Quote of the Day: Michael Bane”

  1. “Do the time-honored rules of journalistic objectivity apply in every case except firearms?”

    I would submit that it is not JUST firearms where journalistic objectivity is compromised. For eight years the Obama administration’s scandals were stonewalled, minimized and ignored by “journalists” whose most important purpose was supposed to be to inform the citizens about the government’s activities. However, according to these same “journalists,” if a Trump aide breaks wind in public it’s headline news and represents the “Death of the Republic.”


    1. Indeed, their hypocrisy with the new found interest in investigation is just sick. I trust nothing from the “Fake News Media”.


  2. The laughably named “mainstream media” dug their own graves by behaving the way they did (and still do) the past 10+ years. Too bad so sad.

    We average “deplorable” American citizens have been watching, and waiting patiently, for the inevitable implosion of the libtard-owned media. That day is here. Their replacements have already arrived but them progtard journos are too dumb to change with the times and accept that they’re done.

    I for one will continue to gleefully watch their unraveling with some popcorn and a beer at hand. 😀


  3. The left frequently pushes the line that ignorance is “authentic” and more trustworthy. Remember the guy who said Larry Correia’s experience and training made him “too close” to firearms?



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