IDPA Match

I shot my first IDPA match in since I lived in South Dakota, this weekend.  Also it was the first time with this gun and the sights I had put on it, shooting CDP class.

I survived halfway through the gunfight, coming in exactly in tho 50% percentile.

I have been shooting steel challenge recently and I need to overcome that mindset.

M shooting was good, having a decently low PD, it was the half dozen procedurals that killed me, literally.  Who needs cover when you are shooting steel plates?

I think I’m going to make the jump from Steel Challenge to IDPA a more permanent thing.  What I need to do is really start practicing my footwork.

You can’t miss fast enough to win a gunfight, I know that.  But standing squared up, broad side to a baddie to get a clean shot is probably a good way to lose one.

2 Replies to “IDPA Match”

  1. Haha. It works the other way too. I get laughed at when I shoot 3Gun or USPSA after I’ve shot a stretch of IDPA matches. I am congratulated on my inappropriate use of cover in a sport requiring none. Oh well…

    Similarly, notice the IDPA stages requiring only 2 hits on paper that are preceded by a couple stages where 3 hits per target are required. An abundance of the shooters will continue blazing away at each target with an extra round.



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