The Fraud of Gun Buy Backs

CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) – The first of three consecutive gun buyback events took place, Saturday, in Miami.

The National Gun Sense Coalition is expected to work with the City of Miami over the next three weeks to buy back your guns.

Those who sell their guns during this program can receive a $50 gift card.

City of Miami partners to host gun buyback program 

The National Gunsense Coalition is  a bunch of groups associated with our dear “friends” Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. Hell, the use of the word “gunsense” gives it away from the get go.

But that is not what I wanted to touch upon.  I checked this event on their Facebook page and something caught my attention:

I clicked on the pick and much to my sadness I saw the guns being turned for $50 a pop.

Number one looks like a M1 Carbine. Impossible to determine the manufacturer, but if it happens to be a run-of-the-mill Korean War era, you are talking under $1,000. One used in WWII and manufactured by Springfield goes for close to $2,500. Number two appears to be a Savage/Stevens 67 Shotgun that still can command $350 in not so good condition. Number three is a Marlin 336 that will fetch $500 and more without the scope.

Now, assuming that the people who brought the guns were their owners and not just some gangbangers dumping stolen goods and getting a Gift Card for allowing the County to dispose of the evidence. We are talking about $1,850 worth of guns traded for $150 possibly from people who may desperately need the money. That is fraud.

Fraud is the running condition of the whole Gun Control movement.  I shouldn’t be surprised that they have no problem short-changing people as long as they can have their selfies posted in Facebook showing others how much “they care and are working hard to make us feel safe.”


10 Replies to “The Fraud of Gun Buy Backs”

    1. That has happened at these types of things before. The police aren’t amused…but (in most states anyway) it’s completely legal and they can’t do squat about it.


  1. Going to these to buy in front of the popo’s noses is something they don’t like. At least OPD doesn’t, according to a friend who lives in Orlando.
    As he puts it, OPD doesn’t like competition and they will threaten you (nicely) to charge you with some obscure cop-babble “infraction” they pulled out of their tuckus.
    Some chance it and will argue with the popo’s, but most just leave as they can’t afford the hassle of fighting city hall (so to speak),


    1. There’s a group of gun people in AZ that used to go around to these events and stand on the sidewalk to advertise cash offers to people surrendering their guns. I hear they did pretty well. Most of the ones that got turned in to the event were broken in some way.


  2. Buying out from under them also runs the risk of being an unlicensed transfer, which is now illegal in many states, including Colorado.

    Which I suspect is a lot of why they made it illegal…


  3. The popo don’t like it because they lose the good guns. You know, the ones they pull out of the pile before they’re destroyed!


  4. Or one could just set up a table, have a Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values and show the people that are turning a gun in what the going rate is for their guns.
    Don’t even have to offer to buy the guns, just inform.
    Have a visible video camera recording when the police show up.
    And another video camera recording that is not noticeable.



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