Berkeley Police

In case you have not heard, there is a new super hero and he is named The Stick Man, basher of Antifa Heads.

But since the fights happened in Berkeley, enemy territory, he is under arrest:

And Kyle Chapman is facing several felony counts.  A legal defense fund has been set up for him if you feel you like to contribute.

Now to the point I wanted to make: Berkeley police finally got off their collective asses and arrested somebody but only after Pro Trump people started to defend themselves.  And the sad part is that this was observed clearly by the media and it was so blatant that at least one station reported on it.

And as satisfactory and recommended as it is to return violence to those who seek control by it, we have to understand that in some locations, we are viewed as the pests by the government officials and that Antifa is simply doing the job that “needs to be done” without involving a congressional inquiry on the use of Law Enforcement in Civil Rights’ violations.

The Democrats subcontracted Bull Connor’s job to unpaid Interns.

PS: Ninety Miles has a great video with more on the Berkeley fights

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