Burn the witch!

I caught this Twitter exchange between Bette Midler and Shannon Watts on Twitchy.

Ah yes, when TWO organizations that fight for civil liberties team up and fight for the rights of people to retain their Constitutionally protected rights from being taken away without due process, they are wrong, because guns.

This exchange really shows just how ideologically fixated these people are.  There is no room at all for understanding, the ACLU engaged in heresy and must be punished.

The fact that the NRA and ACLU didn’t just arm a bunch of crazy people never crosses their mind.  A disability advocate explained in Vox why, despite being anti-gun, why he supported this action.

Having someone on Social Security Disability who wants help managing their finances is not indicative in any way of being potentially violent.  All the Obama rule did was stigmatize people and deny them their rights.

Funny thing is, this isn’t the first time in recent history that the ACLU and NRA buddied up to take on an Obama usurpation.  The ACLU and NRA were on the same side regarding just how bad an idea “No fly, No buy” was because it restricts rights without due process.

See a theme here?  You shouldn’t be able to lose a civil right without a judgement against you.  Checking a box on a Social Security form and setting up a designated payee is not an adjudication of mental illness.  Having some bureaucrat put your name on a watch list is not a conviction of criminal activity.  You shouldn’t lose your rights for either reason.

But in Bette Midler’s and Shannon Watts’ world, anybody that sides with the NRA is in the wrong.

Maybe, if Hillary runs for mayor of NYC, the NRA should endorse her and make a big show of donating to her campaign.  Maybe the congestive dissonance of that will get Shannon Watts to stroke out.

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