On the Travel Ban

Slate published a stupid piece about how if the US was really concerned about stopping violence it would ban white men.  Why?  Because stupid Progressivism, that’s why.

Tucker Carlson debated Mark Hetfield, a refugee advocate, about the Trump Travel Ban 2.0.  Hetfield’s argument was, there hasn’t been a history of terrorism from the six nations named in the travel ban so it is discriminatory.

I know I’m a nobody from Flyover country, but here is what I see, and why I support the travel ban 100% and think it should be expanded.

ISIS has been successful in hiding its fighters among refugees going to Europe.  ISIS admits this with pride.

Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, whatever.

When I read about what is going on in Syria, every single day I read about ISIS chopping the heads off Christians.  In fact, there have been so many public beheading in Syria, Google can’t keep track of them all.    Don’t forget, a couple of years ago two Muslims beheaded a British soldier in England on video.

Is it too much to ask that people who come from a culture in which beheadings in the  streets is normal NOT be relocated to the US?

These people butcher other Muslims like animals and make videos about it (Warning).  I don’t want them here.

I don’t think it makes me a bigot to want to keep the head choppers and throat slitters as far away from me a possible.

Not to mention, the argument that the “Muslim ban is a gift to ISIS” is the worst think I’ve ever heard.  “If you don’t let us in to your country, we will kill you” isn’t a refugee policy, it is a hostage tactic.  That line of thought should be an automatic disqualifier.

I don’t think this makes me a terrible person.  Just an American that wants to see America stay beheading free.

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  1. All through the depravities of slavery, Reconstruction, and a good portion of the 20th Century in the US, white men were not committing ISIS-like mass-murder spectacles, dumping 1000s of bodies in mass graves, committing mass rapes, and obliterating cultural artifacts. If Ben Mathis-Lilley’s Slate piece had valid points in it, they were obscured by such comparative hyperbole.



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