Wal Mart Shoppers

Congressman Jason Chaffetz is in hot water on social media because he had the audacity to suggest people need to prioritize their spending on necessities over luxuries

Good god, what a monster.

He should have listened to Michelle Obama when she blamed the obesity epidemic of the poor on “food deserts” where grocery stores don’t want to invest in low income high crime neighborhoods.

I lived in a poor area of South Dakota and watched the poor buy Doritos, snack cakes, Mountain Dew, microwave meals, etc., with EBT.

I on the other hand, spent my money on milk, eggs, bananas, apples, chicken breast, etc.  At the same Wal Mart.  I found buying ingredients and cooking  them was cheaper.  A big bag oh Fuji apples cost less than the big bag of Doritos.  A pound of chicken, jar of sauce, and box of pasta was $8 and lasted four days.  But it was my money I was spending so I had to be mindful of my purchases.  

I thought that the poor who bought junk food bought junk food for the same reason they were poor.  Bad decision making skills, putting short term pleasure over long term benefits.

Silly, conservative me didn’t know it was because the poor are victims of capitalism… or something.  

I guess what we really need is both socialized health care AND allow people to use government benefits to buy iPhones.  Heck, the Apple Store should accept EBT or else it’s racist. 

Poor people shouldn’t suffer the negative effects of their own decisions.   Thinking otherwise shows your privilege.

This worked out well for the housing market in 2012, didn’t it?

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