Florida Senator Anitere Flores when she liked Gun Owners

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It is time to change the contract: You want our votes, deliver the product or otherwise you will lose them and fuck you.

The NRA should reset all endorsements to Florida GOP politicians to “F” and make them earn the good grades with achieved goals. No laws approved in the Legislature, you don’t get our endorsement.

I said I was done being nice this year.

Update: Shayna Lopez-Rivas smartly points out that she wrote that letter after the Pulse shooting in Orlando and even went as far as support gun bills after that date. So let’s see what excuses can she come up with to excuse her backstabbing.

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8 Replies to “Florida Senator Anitere Flores when she liked Gun Owners”

  1. I think it’s important to note that while State Sen. Flores may not be 100% on board with every single NRA position that’s out there, 2A is not and has never been, despite what activist extremists would have you think, a black and white issue. As you know, South Florida is heavily democratic and while Flores might not be on our side 100% of the time, be real, real careful and smart as to your demands for her ouster. The possibility of her seat being filled by someone who is totally not on our side is very real.

    Just something to think about.

    1. Stu, she just stated (and we have it on video) that she is in opposition with all the gun bills left and she is taking pictures with the Moms Demand Florida coordinator.
      We sent Charlie Manson to Death Row with less than that.

  2. Do the Florida Republicans think that they can sacrifice only one Senator and stop these civil rights bills?

    Fine, explain to your own Florida State Senator that your family’s votes and support are now dependent on the actions of EVERY Florida Senator. If they do not actually pass the gun rights bills, you will vote for any primary challengers, and Vote Democrat until they retire.

    Please ask Ms. Marion Hammer to apply your NRA Endorsement recommendation today.

  3. I’m so pissed at these RINOs that I’m seriously considering buying billboards at their next election with the question: “Why does Anitere Flores support rapists, violent attackers and robbers over law-respecting citizens who, as a group are more law-abiding than the police?” And putting them up all over her area. The same goes for Senate president Joe Negron. Both of them have indicated that they want to run for Florida US Senate. I plan to let both of their office know of my position and what I think of their treason to the people of Florida.

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