My email to Florida Senate President Joe Negron


Subject: Florida Gun Owners betrayed by GOP senators. Why?

Dear Senate President Negron:
I am still in shock that not only a State Republican Senator but your President Pro Tempore Anitere Flores, has suddenly came out to back stab the faithful voters represented by the Gun Owners of Florida.
As a friend keeps reminding me, it seems that the state GOP loves to play Lucy to our Charlie Brown, promising us that this time she will not pull the football away at the last second, but does it anyway.  If the official position of the Florida Senate under your direction is one of Gun Control, you have the responsibility to inform Florida Gun Owners. If the official position of the Florida Senate is one in favor of our God-given Rights under the Second Amendment, then you must say so in an official statement and ensure that measures will be taken to correct the betrayal that we suffered at the hands of your President Pro Tempore. 
The ball is on your court. Play wisely.
Miguel Gonzalez
Miami, Fl.

This is no longer an issue of just one State Senator but all GOP senators. I invite you to address a similar-worded email to Joe Negron and then to your State Senator. Demand that they officially come out either Pro Second Amendment or against. You may probably get a carefully worded reply in Politico-Speak: do not tolerate it, go (politely but forcefully) for the jugular and the carotid while you are at it.
The Carpetbaggers are now emboldened and will try to kill The new Stand Your Ground bill due to be voted on the floor.
Get to it! Email or call them ASAP. Start with Negron.

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