Another reason why I want to stop giving good grades for nothing accomplished.

After New Hampshire enacted Constitutional Carry, similar bills are still under consideration and a chance in Alabama, Indiana, North Dakota, and South Carolina.  The bill is still under consideration in South Dakota, but the governor in South Dakota has already indicated that he will veto the bill.  As of right now, there is still a chance for 16 to 17 states having Constitutional Carry by the end of the year.

Source: John Lott’s Website: Update on Constitutional Carry Bills becoming Law this Year, with good chances in at least three more states

And here in Florida cannot get effing Open Carry to even reach the Senate floor. I don’t think we had a decent Pro Gun bill passed in what? 3-4 years?  I am actually thinking that resetting all GOP Senators and Congresscritters ratings to zero is not enough.

If by the end of the Legislative Session we do not get Open Carry at least, no Florida Gun owner should not canvas, donate or vote for any GOP member of the Legislature.

If we have a legislature with a Republican majority that acts Democrat , might as well let the Dems take over. Why do I wast my time, money and votes on people who do not deliver?

Seriously, you’d think we were Illinois or Connecticut or some retrograde state like that.

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  1. We’ve had open carry in CT at least as long as we’ve had permits…

    Generally I’d say the carry laws are pretty good in CT… it’s the rest of em that suck.



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