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I grew up in Miami, one of the most diverse cities in the country.  The city is so steeped in Caribbean Hispanic culture, that it is in the very air that you breathe.  It is how you end up with a someone like me, a Jew of German and Russian heritage that thinks nothing of sitting down for lunch with a Reuben sandwich and a side of Congri and Yuca Frita.  To this day, i’m about a likely to have “ay dios mio” roll of my tongue as “oy vey.”

So believe me when I say, I don’t consider myself racist against Hispanic people.  I’m pretty sure I count as one – at least partially – by way of osmosis.

I like life this way, it makes everything more interesting.  Also the food is better (next time you have a Cubano or Media Noche, skip the yellow mustard and try it with some hot German mustard, it really kicks it up a notch).

There are some people who don’t see it this way.  They want to harden the battle lines.  The problem is, that is going to push me into being a white supremacists, which I don’t want to be.

A Latina/o/x student at Pitzer College sent out this email:


I hate this $65K a year school I have the privilege of attending, and I hate all the white people who are at the school with me.  Here is a bunch of White Guilt I know you Liberals will fall for so give me some money so I can go on vacation.  Fuck you.  

Sincerely, Self Aggrandized Victim

This is not the first time in the last week that a Latina/o/x student from Pitzer has made the news for going all SJW victim at white people.  Another student sent out an all campus email telling white girls not to wear hoop earnings because of cultural appropriation.

I’m not a liberal.  I don’t accept guilt for what was done by people I never met, who died generations before me, who I have no relationship to, because I have the same color skin that they do.  That shit just bounces off me.

I believe in Deuteronomy 24:16 and Ezekiel 18:20, the sins of the father shall not be visited unto the son.  Especially when the sins were not committed by my actual father.

For the most part, I really couldn’t care less about what some students in the Land of Fruits and Nuts do to their liberal classmates, but soon enough these students are going to enter the real world.

Try this with me an I will add the INS tip line to my cellphone speed dial.

I don’t want to be that guy.  Don’t make be become him.

3 Replies to “College SJWs”

  1. In my opinion, a large number of Americans are kinda like the “Borg” of the Star Trek franchise; (come to America and) you will be assimilated. Like the Borg we accept the useful cultural trappings and make them uniquely American. Restaurants that serve ethnic food of diverse cultures are but one example. This is the essence of the proverbial melting pot. Sadly SJWs as described above are ruining this great experiment by screaming cultural appropriation just as the libtards are doing so by bringing in those who do not want to be assimilated but rather destroy our culture and replace it with their third world nightmare.

  2. Heh….people of Hispanic descent in the new world try to lecture ‘whites’ on genocide and slavery…….yup, no irony there…..

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