About those SEALs Flying the Trump Flag…

“[The convoy commander] was also aware of the rules precluding Department of Defense (DoD) endorsement of political candidates during an election,” the documents stated. “However, he believed that flying the flag was not inappropriate since the election was over and since the candidate was now the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.”…

…About 30 minutes into the drive on I-65, the convoy commander noticed that the flag was getting a good deal of attention from civilian drivers, “some of which was negative attention.”

“At this point, he felt like the correct course of action would have been to take the flag down,” the documents stated. “However, he was concerned that it would be unsafe for the convoy and its members to pull over while on the highway.”

Source: DoD Report Reveals Details About SEALs Punished For Flying Trump Flag

Seems legit to me. But they were still penalized for the transgression:

“The Navy Seals formally punished the unit on Feb. 28 but none of the details were released, said Lt. Jacqui Maxwell of the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 in Virginia Beach, Va. According to the documents, the commanding Seals officer directed a teamwide remedial training on safe convoy operations and partisan political activity. That remedial training was completed by Feb. 9.”

Or as my buddy Joshua stated: “They were condemned to Death by PowerPoint.” That was just cruel and goes above and beyond what punishment should be. Even Navy Seals have rights and their fragile minds should not have been treated to such inhumanity. The ACLU would have raised shit and death if Terrorists at Guantanamo were subjected to endless slides like this:


Or this one:


And if this one was forcibly shown to a child rapist, the Supreme  Court would have sent the briefer to life in prison without parole for extremely cruel  and unusual punishment.


I am glad I was able to get that off my chest.



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  1. I’ve met a few special operators in my life. They are almost all, to the man, cool guys.

    Pro Tip: if you every meet someone who claims to be a special operator and is totally Captain Roid Rage, he wasn’t an actual operator. He was, at best, Special Forces support.

    One thing that needs to be understood about SF guys, is that they are crazy. Not totally batshit, make a necklace out of ears, type crazy. Just a half a bubble off of plumb. They have to be.

    It’s one thing to order people to run towards the danger. It is another thing for people to volunteer to be the first ones to run towards the danger, while being totally outnumbered. These are guys who take to war like teens take to Call of Duty.

    To get the most of out these guys, you need to give them a little bit of freedom. If a bunch of SEALs thought the best way to defeat ISIS was by running around the desert, dressed like KISS, with chainsaw bayonets on their rifles; just expense it out and let them do their thing.

    The only order any Commander should ever give a SF unit like that is:
    “Here’s a government credit card. Do what you got to do. Just make sure you bring us the receipts, and don’t get caught on CNN eating anybody.”


  2. It’s got to be incredibly frustrating for progressives to be slowly realizing that they simply don’t have the loyalty or control over the military or majority of police anymore.



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