Some people make not-so-funny memes.

I’ve been seeing the one in the right posted among some of my “libertarian” friends and it has ticked me off that they do not see it. Of course, it has been my duty to embarrass the crap out of them.

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Yes, I am a grumpy old fart. Forgetting genocides makes me ill-tempered.

3 Replies to “Some people make not-so-funny memes.”

    1. The problem is that a lot of people in the world has never heard of the trolley problem ( I was ne) but have seen train cars used nefariously.

      You may want to compare it with the .45 v 9mm “controversy”: It is only a controversy here in the US since other than Mexico and the Philippines, no other country in the world bothered with the .45ACP. Lot’s of bodies drop every day across the world using 9mm ball.



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