The thick irony of a communist living in freedom.

Brought to you by an idiot in Harlem who thinks himself cool and edgy because he can be an asshole to two cops.

And you know why he did that? Because nothing will happen to him. He lives in a country where being such an asshole is a right.

However, check his hat:

Yup, that is the Communist red star and a picture of Che Guevara.

And that is the flag of Cuba. A common sight in Miami with the Exiled community we have, but very much less common in NYC.

I made the next captures to also point out more irony:

This Cuban Communism Sympathizer is doing his “revolutionary” sketch inside something that is very hard to find in Cuba: A well stocked grocery store.

You see, a store filled with all sorts and variety of consumer goods like where he is giving us his “cool” performance are only reserved to the high party officials and foreign visitors with hard currency. The plebes like him have to use a ration card and shop whatever is available, (if it is available) in stores like this:


Now, what would happen if Mr. Cuban Communist Hat would pull that attitude on two Cuban Cops?

After Cuban police arrested a street actor named Omar earlier this week, one blog quickly declared:”Free Omar! Self-employed revolutionary.”
Rebels, of course, aren’t supposed to be immersed in free enterprise. But Omar wanted to have his revolution and eat it, too. So he parlayed the revolution into his own private, albeit illegal, enterprise.
He turned himself into a caricature of the original barbudos, the bearded ones who took power in 1959.

Source: Along the Malecón: Cuban police bust self-employed rebel

And yes, the irony of the same Che Guevara image in his beret was just pure schadenfreude.

So, on one side we have a pampered young asshole thinking himself  to be edgy and revolutionary because he is giving shit to two NYPD cops inside a well stocked store in a Free Country. On the other hand we have a guy who is a street actor in Havana who is arrested for mocking his “betters” and trying to make some money not allowed by the government.

Irony so thick…

7 Replies to “The thick irony of a communist living in freedom.”

  1. That has the self control of a Shaolin Monk. I have a feeling if there was no camera there, Mr. Hip Faux-revolutionary would have left some teeth on the floor of the bodega as he was dragged out to the cop car.


  2. it appeared as if the cashier was getting into the diatribe there for a moment. perhaps the officers should remind him that no police presence could be a bad thing for his well being as they can always get coffee elsewhere…


  3. I’ll wager two things:

    1) Self declared commie has never read any Che outside of maybe watching the ‘Motorcycle Diaries on cable.

    2) His mode of transportation and/or residence has been noted and he’s going to see tickets/fines galore.


  4. The fact he was advertising “El Che” is reason enough for me to label this guy as a pro douchebag socialist progtard. His behavior just confirms it.



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