Bank robbery gone right: Video from two angles.


At least three shots “on paper” with great use of cover and Slicing the Pie.  One malfunction cleared, probably a FTF because the gun did not go in battery.

You can’t argue with success.

Congratulations to Security Officer  Brian Harrison for keeping himself and his people safe.

Hat tip Zach A.

5 Replies to “Bank robbery gone right: Video from two angles.”

  1. There was some online squealing from the squeamish types about the Retired Deputy/Security Guard still ‘engaging’ the bank robber when the soon to be dead head was “trying to leave”.

    The basic response was, ‘The EmEffer WHO HAD ALREADY ENGAGED IN A SHOOT OUT was STILL ARMED and no one – No One – has to get inside the crim’s mind and try and figure out what he’s thinking. He could have easily been (at the time he was last buttonholed) trying to relocate for better cover.

    What was a wonder to a lot of people was that this shoot out happened the end of JANUARY and the Prosecutor took his own sweet time and just a few days ago released his finding that there was no reason he could see to charge the guard.
    That’s the mystery of weenie minded, politically influenced lawyers.



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