Burn the Witch, Pt. 2

There is an old adagenever get high on your own supply.

Eric Idle has broken that rule.

What is funny about the “burn the witch” scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail and the stoning scene from Life of Brian is how over the top ridiculous it is.  Some poor sod was going to get burned alive or stoned to death because of an angry mob of idiots or hysterical housewives.

Yes, that is British funnyman Eric Idle advocating genocide based on political ideology.

He is secure enough in his belief that he is right and everybody that disagrees with him is so wrong they should pay for it with their lives.  This is both sad and horrifying, but this is what the far Left has become.  Heretics are to be killed.

There is no room for discussion on this.  The idea that anybody who isn’t a true believer in anthropocentric climate change must die is the Green equivalent to ISIS.

I never though that what would get me send to the gas chambers was thinking is it not the best use of $2.2 billion taxpayer dollars to fund unsustainable, unfeasible, and ultimately failed green energy projects owned and managed by major political donors.

But really that is irrelevant.  The reason a totalitarian wants to exterminate you is capricious.  They want to exterminate you and will find whatever justification makes it, in their minds, OK to do so.

Advocating mass murder for political disagreements is not funny.  I’m getting really tired of the Left making genocide their go to final solution for winning political arguments.

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