Less than worthless

Moms Demand Action made this post about a recent Newsweek OpEd.


#DisarmHate is one of the most worthless and social-justice-esque hashtags on Twitter right now.  It is full of Tweets like this:

Because there is nothing more intersectional than a hashtag dedicated to promoting the idea:

As a society we can stop this epidemic by hiring trans women of color, making sure they have safe places to live and standing up when we see or hear them being demeaned and attacked and simply by valuing their lives.”

But back to the Newsweek article.

During the recent Jewish holiday of Purim, at least seven Jewish community centers in the U.S. and Canada received bomb threats. Altogether, Jewish institutions in North America have received more than 150 threats of violence since the beginning of the year.

Lets forget for a moment that the first person to be arrested for making threats against Jewish groups wasn’t the white supremacist that everyone on the Left wanted it to be.

Or that the lasted round of campus Antisemitism has come from the deep blue University of Illinois at Chicago, in the form of flyers about “Jewish Privilege” – which is straight out of Nazi propaganda – and is associated with #BlackLivesMatter.

After seeing this horrible Antisemitism, what does the writer for Newsweek want?

But rather than proposing policies that would make targeted and vulnerable communities safer, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is doing everything it can to gut our existing gun laws and advance its agenda of more guns for anyone, anywhere, no questions asked.

I’m sorry, but after watching all that ANTIFA violence and watching Leftists attack Jews on college campuses you are damn straight that I want to be able to carry a gun on me anywhere, no questions asked.

I know firsthand how threats can turn violent and even fatal when individuals filled with hate have easy access to weapons. On a beautiful summer day in 2006, I was shot at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, where I worked. Four of my female colleagues also were shot and—luckily—survived. Tragically, our colleague, Pam Waechter, was shot and killed that day.

In the more than 10 years since my shooting, the gun safety movement has made progress by passing gun laws that help keep guns out of dangerous hands. I have been proud to be part of that progress, working with Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, as well as the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, in Washington state.

But now the gun lobby is doing everything it can to undo that progress.

I truly feel bad for the author to have been in that situation.  I can’t imagine being there when that shooting happened.  However, the way I was raised, my reaction was different.  I felt the time had come for the “Israeli Approach.”

That’s right, bring a long gun.

What the author fails to mention is that the Jeiwsh Federation shooting was carried out by the US citizen of Pakistani heratage, and Muslim, Naveed Afzal Haq.  Muslims have become the pet darlings of the Radical Left, to the point where two of them are being hailed for leading the Women’s March (including a convicted terrorist).

This article wants me to believe that the threat comes from White Supremacists and the NRA is backing them.  Turns out, it is the Left coddling Radical Islamists and Jew haters in the name of Social Justice is the the real threat to Jews.

So I cam going to be armed.  I can’t trust the Left to protect me.  When some member of the Muslims Student Association tries to run me over or stick a knife in my ribs these same people will tell me not to be Islamophobic and if Israel wasn’t oppressing the Palestinians, maybe I wouldn’t be bleeding out.

Bullshit.  My father raised me to fight antisemitism with the two best tools we had, education and a 1911.  If the first fails, the second wont.

I’m just can’t take advice from a victim of Islamic terrorism who’s response is to disarm the Jews.  That is the attitude of a Capo.  I’m going to stand with the NRA, knowing that if the Left won’t try and stop Islamic and Leftist Antisemites from trying to hurt or kill me, I’m going to have to do it myself.

2 Replies to “Less than worthless”

  1. Aaron Zelman was right.

    You too speak truth to one of the human conditions. All of us should understand self reliance and self preservation. No one is coming to save you.


  2. I drive through some areas with concentrations of Jewish people on the way to one of my jobs almost every day. Each synagogue has armed security and/or off-duty cops on station when there’s services or related functions in session. They aren’t clamoring for disarmament, they’re taking the “Never Again” approach.

    As for LGBT? Two words – “shoot back”. Assailants tend to lose effectiveness when they are perforated by judiciously-placed hollow point bullets.

    As for the NRA asking for “guns for everyone, no questions asked…” that’s about as far from the truth as anything could possibly be. The NRA supported the development of NICS, and this was (obviously) after the organization took a larger stance on gun rights as compared to their traditional mission of education.

    The NRA doesn’t speak out against background checks, they speak out against ineffective background checks. They realized NICS is hugely flawed and a waste of resources. If the Feds showed the NRA (and most gun owners) an effective background check system that kept bad guys from getting guns from FFLs, and also fully respected privacy and Constitutional rights, then they’d support it.



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