Watts is always wrong, this time not about guns

Shannon Watts’ inability to be right was all over my news feed today.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t about guns.

Shannon Watts was in an airport waiting to board a flight, when she witnessed an interaction between some passengers and a representative from United Airlines.

Rather than wait for all the fact to come in, she took to Twitter to espouse her opinion, grounded heavily in the witch’s brew of ignorance and indignation.  Her two favorite intellectual states.

This hit every possible Social Justice outrage button.  Policing women’s bodies and clothing, sexualizing women and children, big corporation vs. the little guy/girl, racism, are leggings pants, etc.

Within hours it have become #leggingsgate.

United Airlines did what any rational actor  would do any try to explain themselves.

As it turns out, the passengers in question were not paying customers.  They were flying gratis as per the United Pass program.  As such, specific rules – such as dress and behavior codes – applied to them.  They are flying on United’s dime, and are seen as representatives of the company.

I’ve been to company outings before.  We had to abide by company rules because even though we were off the clock, we were still representing the company.  I used to work for The Official Fuel of NASCAR as a petroleum engineer.  I got free tickets to the Dover International Speedway.  When I went on the company dime, there were rules about what I could do, including how much I could drink and which drivers I could wear apparel supporting.  Can’t wear a t-shirt for a driver sponsored by a competitor.

In my job now, people other than me have a say in what guns and ammo I shoot competitively under certain circumstances.

The person paying sets the rules, I think most people understand that.

The righteous anger tasted too good to the mighty conquering Social Justice Warriors of the Internet.  Facts be damned, virtue had to be signaled so that it could be seen from space.

Travel blogs gave advice how to fight Untied.  Celebrities threatened to pull half-naked stunts on United flights.  Other celebs threatened boycotts or just cursed out United.  People fucking Magazine made this into a human interest piece.

This was a holocaust of the vanities.  A bacchanal orgy of self–righteous preening.

I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor social media person at United, who defended a not-irrational or unusual corporate policy applied under a specific condition, only to be overrun by hordes of unthinking, uncaring, Social Justice activists hell-bent on destruction.

Of course, there is no telling just yet how this will affect United Airline’s financials.  People may yet lose their jobs over this.

Shannon Watts owns it all.

She Tweeted from ignorance.  Condemning something she didn’t have all the information on, that was none of her business, and doing untold damage as a result.

This is her modus operandi laid bare.

This time, it wasn’t a gun company, gun owners, or potential victims of crimes that paid the price.

Maybe soon rational people outside the gun world will see her for what she really is: an instigator of mob-mentality destruction.

5 Replies to “Watts is always wrong, this time not about guns”

  1. I didn’t know this lastest round of outrage-porn originated from Watts.

    Proof this is indeed a deep mental illness of which gun control is just one output.


  2. Folks who get all up in arms about “mah right to comfort” and wearing leggings and flip-flops on flights will be shrink-wrapped flooring for those of us who wear practical clothing to mitigate our risk.


  3. I heard the story last night on the local news. I heard the name, Watts? Could it be? Naaah!

    Our local news actually told both sides, and sided with the airline.


  4. these aren’t corporate T-shirts – these are leggings – they weren’t wearing anything offensive – they were just being told that they had to protect young boys from their erections.



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