Shannon Watts: Future Hillary?

I do believe she has been testing the waters about running for some sort of public office. It is interesting that the LeggingGate affair brought out this little tidbit I may have missed.

What is Emerge America?

From their website:

Emerge America is the premier training program for Democratic women.
We inspire women to run, we hone their skills to win.
Our goal is clear: to increase the number of Democratic women in public office.

A political farm for future female Democrat candidates. Kinda sexist if you ask me. What about men that identify as transgender Lesbians…OK, never mind.

But yes, Shannon is expanding her comments well beyond the usual Gun Control activities.

I have no doubt that we will see her running for some DC Congress seat soon. Maybe she will even move to Zionsville, Indiana to Albany, NY and run for the Senate.

PS: How will this affect Moms Demand? In my opinion not good. Running for office is a full-time job and an Astroturf Group like MDA so attached to her name is bound to be somewhat put in the back burner by Shannon. That would mean they need to get a substitute to run things (I am betting Erika Soto Lamb or somebody selected by her.) Further complicating things, she may end up taking political positions that may run against some beliefs of  women now paying attention to her and supporting MDA.

We’ll see.

PS: I just had a disturbing thought: Shannon R. Watts is actually Shannon Rodham Watts.

12 Replies to “Shannon Watts: Future Hillary?”

  1. The only social media I’m on is Instagram, I looked to see if Shannon Watts had a page so I could be added to her blocked list. Doesn’t appear she does, and Everytown for Gun Safety has already blocked me. Maybe I’ll see if the CSGV has a page.


    1. I am banned by all of them in Twitter… but I have an alternate and very lib, very meek alternative account to keep track of them. I still don’t know how to operate Instagram! LOL


      1. Well CSGV does have an Instagram account, but it’s not very active. I excoriated them for not being more unhinged and angry. I expect better. We’ll see if they eventually block me, but I don’t think they check that account too often.


  2. She may have a chance in the House of Reps in a very blue district. Outside of that, #leggingsgate may have blown up in her face. A lot of SJW virtue signaling from idiots, but she was in the wrong on policy. People are getting tired of all the SJW internet shaming.


  3. Won’t effect Moms Demand a bit. Watts was only a manager and PR flack from day Zero. The whole origin story of her “Being a stay-at-home-mom and starting a facebook group” was a total lie.

    That being said, could be Bloomy has told her he’s shuffling the deck again. Remember, Bloomy still owns Mayors against Guns, but you won’t see ANYTHING from that group because people KNOW its just a bunch of criminals from gang-infested shitholes.

    Same with Moms Demand, I think it has outlived its usefulness.


  4. “Maybe she will even move [from] Zionsville, Indiana to Albany, NY and run for the Senate.”

    According to the Boone County (IN) tax collector, John or Shannon Watts no longer own property there. According to the Boulder County (CO) tax collector, John and Shannon Watts do own property there. They live in Colorado’s 2nd congressional (deep blue) district.

    It certainly wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that she try to unseat Cory Gardner in 2020.



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