OK people! First Unload Then Rack.

Seriously, it is not that hard to remember and do!

And why would you be dumb enough to aim the gun in the general direction of people?

I am a proponent of the Three Racks. When clearing a semi-auto weapon, remove the magazine/clip and rack the slide or bolt three times.  If you happen to forget to unload the magazine, the ejecting shells will be a good hint that gun is still loaded!

And for the love of God, do a visual check for empty chamber!

These do not go out of style. Don’t be a tactical Douchebag and ignore them.

UPDATE: Tom W. gave me another mantra: “Check by sight and feel” meaning the make sure the chamber is empty by not only looking but by inserting a finger in the chamber.  Good strategy.

In other news, “Check by sight and feel” also works when meeting women at seedy bars in the wee hours of the night.

9 Replies to “OK people! First Unload Then Rack.”

  1. Best to be properly paranoid about ‘unloaded’ guns.
    My dedicated dryfire gun has a Laserlyte cartridge in the barrel, and before every single dryfire session, I lock the slide and press the activator button, then look for the red dot on the wall. Twice.
    The carry guns are, as a rule, always loaded with a round chambered.
    When I unload, I don’t rack 3x, but I do lock the slide and do a visual and tactile inspection twice.

  2. Pretty sure I recognize that cop. He works Wannenmacher regularly, and once gave me a ration of shit when I was leaving because a handgun I had carried in got restrapped and the vendor’s strap didn’t match the one the show put on it when I entered. It may have been a legitimate concern re theft, but his demeanor was sorely lacking. Now I’m even less impressed.

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